Advance Notice Article – G495 Mock Exam – June 2014

Have produced a 40 mark Mock Exam for the G495 Advance Notice article for June 2014. It contains a range of questions on each part of the article. The mark scheme is also provided.

G495 Section C Mock Exam

G495 Section C Mock Exam Answers

Please also take a look at the Matthew Arnold VLE for Physics. They produce fantastic resources each and every year that always provide me inspiration.

Another great source of information on this specific topic is the CAPT network. They always provide questions and it is a great source to voice your thoughts and ask any questions.

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  1. Hi there, these look very helpful and i was wondering if you could make one for the 2014 G492 exam that is coming in a few weeks? many thanks

  2. mrthomson says:

    Hi Hamish,

    Thanks. There are a few mistakes, but I’m sure you can figure them out! It was done in a bit of a rush.

    The Matthew Arnold site has a load of G492 questions. – login as guest and scroll all the way to the bottom. We used those questions with our G492 students and they found them difficult but very helpful.


  3. Hi, thanks for this question set!

    For question 4a iii to find the number of atoms, should you multiply the number by 3? You have calculated the moles of CaF2, but each mole of CaF2 contains 3 ions. So is the total number of ions meant to be 6.6×10^20?

    Thanks again

  4. mrthomson says:

    Hi Adam,

    It’s riddled with mistakes as I’d produced it fairly off the cuff in a bit of a mad rush, so apologies. My students identified a number of issues, though I can’t remember them all…

    Q3 – the mark scheme should have a wavelength of 1.1×10^-8m. Then the energy = 2×10^-21

    Q4aiii – you’re correct! This then impacts on 4aiv which will be 6.6×10^12, and impacts on 4bii/iii and 4ciii. I’m sure there was another problem with 4bii but I can’t remember it – I’ve a feeling it was a factor of 10 out.

    Hope that helps.


  5. jimmy Austin says:

    Hi have you done something like this for the 2015 exam?

  6. jimmy Austin says:

    You have literally save me from failing section C thanks =D

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